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Throughout the years we've managed to wrangle some cover arrangements out of our stupidly obnoxious B, F#, E, core-instrument tunings. We also snagged a B-side original from the '15 Year Dog Plan' recording session, for a split-release, put together by It Takes a Village to Make Records. In 2015, the band has progressed into a new chapter with Sean Peters (Summon, Wastelander) on vocals and Christian Urrabazo (ex-too many to name) on drums. This release is meant to empty the archives prior to moving forward a new focus and a new LP in 2015.

What that means is that a lot of this is messy and/or never intended for official release, but, in retrospect, it's an interesting enough look at our past and influences that it's worth a free share to whomever should stumble on it.

Tracks 1-5:
These were recorded at vastly different periods in the band's existence, in "studio" either w/ Sean Peters or Tommy McCord (GTG Records) for comps or tribute albums. The angelic background voice on the original track, "Young Guns pt. V," is that of Francesca Pierce (Knoch) of The Break Ups who has collaborated with us on various songs that have called for it (check out The Break Ups for more where that came from). In retrospect, these 5 songs remain, at least, passable documentations of Cavalcade, and its influences, throughout our early recordings.

Track 6-10:
These are NOT FROM THE BOARD (literally from a video camera) live recordings from a Fusion Shows "Tribute" show we played in the Summer of 2012 (i.e., the sound is rough, there is --sometimes hilarious-- crowd noise, fact, 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' is omitted entirely due to this as well as letting the late spirit of Ian Curtis to rest in peace, w/out us butchering Joy Division). Rather than choose a single band, we put our New Wave affections on blast by covering the Donnie Darko soundtrack, while dressed as characters from the film (just for added difficulty and spectacle...), and destroying a giant paper-mache jet engine (filled with candy) at the conclusion of the set. The equally angelic voice on several of these tracks is that of Hattie Danby (of The Plurals...also, check them out) who helped us add some atmosphere to this set.
Fair Warning: some of these contain, not only the possible flubs you might expect from a live set, but also those incurred from trying to play in zero visibility evil bunny costumes and the like for the first/only time in our lives. All of that said, the songs included here sound shockingly decent considering all of the above and also are worth documenting for the sake of nodding to influences...if also for not just how damn hard it was to come up with these arrangements for a band, not only of our sound/genre, but also tuning/instrumentation-wise.
This set and its ridiculous costumes can also be witnessed via the miracle of YouTube videos, here:


released February 4, 2015

All Tracks:
Craig Horky - bass
Cale Sauter - guitar
Brad van Staveren - guitar
Zachary Warren - vocals

Tracks 1-5:
John Bruce - drums

Tracks 6-10:
Christian Urrabazo - drums



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